b.1980. From Canberra, Australia, Kleber Osorio has been a photographer since 2010. Kleber's approach to photography started as a travel photographer. 
Kleber has an interest in minimalist landscape and lifestyle photography and sports and social photojournalism. From this, Kleber became an editorial sports and fine art photographer. In 2014, Kleber currently works as a photographer with DIIMEX and as a contributor with Super Rugby side ACT Brumbies. Kleber has covered professional sport, that include, Football (Soccer), Rugby Union, American Football, Ice Hockey, Netball, Surfing and Cycling. 
Kleber holds membership with the Association Internationale De La Presse Sportive (AIPS Media), which has led him to cover major sporting events such as, the Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup 2015 and the International Netball Federation World Cup 2015. In addition, Kleber is an international member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) that has provided Kleber an avenue to explore photo essays. This has encouraged Kleber to create FOTOje and Capture Snapshot.
 - September 2017, RAW event - Radiant
 - August 2016,  PhotoAccess - Personal Photo Project.
 - Photo Press Award  - Camerapixo Photography Magazine
 - Black and White Spider Awards - 11th Winners Gallery - Spider Fellows Nominee
 - Camerapixo Photography Magazine: 
       - Vol 21 - We Inspire
       - Vol 22 - We Inspire
       - Vol 23 - We Inspire
 - AustAustralian Football @AustFootball